Company Background

MFASB RESOURCES was establish since 2015 after 6 years of experiences in factory and machinery with DOSH engagement throughout Malaysia. Our role is to meet both requirements between DOSH enforcement, rule and regulation inline with factory and manufacturer or industry operated in Malaysia.

We ensure that the client and customer always follow the right path as required and therefore reduces the hassled and mistakes which lead to problem with DOSH registration in future.

In summary, we represent and promotes the rules and regulation of Department of Safety and Health Malaysia (DOSH) to the industry and at the same time we concern and act as client or customer as we always practice so there will be done smoothly as all requirement is complied. At the end, both party i.e DOSH and our customers are end up.

Our Completed Projects

Never Ever Be Afraid Of Change, Change Is The Only Way To Make Thing Better!

Our Motto

Reliable Solution Partner

Our Vision

Towards better and safer workplace

Our Mission

  • Safety is always our concern.
  • Task oriented and delivery satisfaction is our priority
  • Open and friendly customer relationship
  • Task first, dollar and cents seconds